What is the best freeride longboard setup

There is a lot of variation in the design and construction of best freeride longboard, but the main goal is to make riding as easy, controllable, and fun as possible. Big, soft wheels with radiused edges, a stiff neck, and many concave are essential for all skateboarders (of course, this includes longboards!). Aside from that, you’ll need to choose your wheelbase, drop-through, or top-mount and what type of concave you like. Also, you’ll need to choose how steep your trucks need to be based on what type of riding – fast carving or slalom competitions? 

best freeride longboard
Best freeride longboard

Choosing a freeride setup depends on whether you want a deck with a tail!

When skateboarding, it’s essential to choose a board that fits you’re looking for longboarding. If you plan on only going fast in a straight line and not doing any tricks or speedy turns, there’s no point in having tails as most longboards have. Tailless longboards are a bit different. These have longer wheelbases slightly for better stability at higher speeds and more effortless acceleration when sliding.

If you’re less interested in technical riding and more interested in learning aerials, you may want a deck with a tail. Conversely, if you want to focus on speedy tricks like ollies and kickflips, you may prefer a board without a tail. A board with kicks, also known as a “hybrid” deck, is more versatile – it’s suited for all kinds of riding.


Is it going fast? We’ve got you covered. Got into kickflips this year and want to do more? Would you rather cruise along with a tight grip, lock-in, sip on a smoothie, and check out our other longboards? 

• If you’re like me and use your board for everything from commuting to freeriding, a dedicated freeride board like the DEDICATED Longboard is a perfect choice.

• The slightly longer wheelbase gives more stability at speed and more predictable slides.

• The shorter deck length with a larger standing platform makes it easier to control your slides.

• The stiffer deck construction makes slides easier to control.

• If you’re a beginner, the larger standing platform and shorter length make this board easier to maneuver and control.

• The DEDICATED Longboard is a perfect choice if you want a board that can do absolutely everything.

• New graphics on every deck

• Fully functional for freeriding and sliding

• Comes with a lifetime warranty

• Made in the USA

• If you’re going to be skating a lot of freeride, you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable, which means having the correct board setup.

• We offer over 50 different trucks to choose from and a variety of wheels and bearings.

• Make sure you get your setup right, and you’ll have a tonne of fun on your new board.

In this case, it’s a product for skaters that involves truck angles.


There are just big skateboards! A full tail and sometimes a nose enable skaters to execute fast slides and spins. The shorter wheelbase on these bad boys makes them feel “snappier.” However, it will cause the board to be less responsive, too), so we would recommend this kind of setup for only more experienced street, ramp, or hill sliders looking for an alternative to their current skateboard decks.

• Customize your deck on the fly!

• Kicktail and nose open up possibilities; now, you can pop an ollie in the middle of a slide run or even use your decks as a giant street/park board.

• Shorter wheelbase adds maneuverability and versatility

• Stiffer deck construction makes slides easier to control

• Look for aggressive concave to give you plenty of security with foot position

• Pick your truck angle – high for a maximum turn at lower speeds and low for more stability and control when things start to get quicker.

Which longboard wheels are best for Freeride and Sliding?

Slide quality is the most important. Stoneground wheels slide better out of the box because of how they are made and what kind of ingredients are in them.

Committed Freeride Longboard

If you want to get around quickly and at full performance, this is the place. Our decks can be top-mount or drop-through, or drop-down for more stability or based on your personal preference, as each of these designs provides a unique feel and ride experience. However, it’s important to note that if you go with a dropped deck, you do need an extended wheelbase to achieve optimal sliding performance – anything else will reduce the effectiveness of your ride! Regardless of which kind of board you decide upon, it’s always helpful to learn how to maintain your hardware correctly to prevent hardware failure and keep your equipment running smoothly – maintenance becomes even more critical when using decks without tails.