What Is Freeride Longboarding – A Top Secret Revealed

If you want to know what is freeride longboarding? You should know about its meaning first. It’s the combination of two words: Free and Ride. You can freely ride on any surface without hesitation, but you need to be a master of your skills. 

The youngsters have great things to discover and enjoy. Freeride longboarding is one of them. You may always have a question, what is a freeride longboard? For a beginner, It can be a new thing. After knowing about the kind, you try to sort out the best freeride longboard. The comparison makes you find a great product. It takes your skating experience to the next level of enjoyment.

Moreover, why do you want to stay at home to do useless things like internet surfing? Move your energy from playing video games to playing physical sports. Longboard surfing significantly boosts your mood. You may need the internet to learn about actual products and techniques at one stage.

Best freeride longboard

Free ride longboard

Furthermore, there are many models of freeride longboards for sale in the market. Their performance and price depend on the speed, style, and abilities to perform. You may enjoy carving, freestyling, cruising, and downhill boarding. It’s excellent for beginners to learn to ride fast. You can quickly learn about the controlling techniques on it. 

Freeriding is a core component in the longboarding industry. It is the start of longboarding and going downhill fast. The idea of freeriding is to be able to control the speed and to do it gracefully.

Additionally, a longboard is far more stable than a shortboard, especially at high speed. And with the proper setup and longboard accessories, you can use your longboard for commuting and recreational activities such as racing.

Longboard freeride vs downhill

Freeride longboarding involves downhill riding, although at low to moderate speed, focusing on performing stylish power slides to control your descent. Unlike downhill racing, which is mainly about reaching maximum speeds, free-riders seek to perform slides, spins, and other technical manoeuvres, both for its beauty and control velocity. The aim is to take in the scenery and enjoy the ride, rather than haring down the hill and possibly throwing yourself down the mountain.

On the other hand, Downhill longboarding also called freeriding, is the fastest. While street skating has plenty of speed, the flat surfaces make for a lot of drag. At the other extreme, vert skating involves purely vertical surfaces; hence it’s called vertical skating. Longboards are more stable and natural, making it easy for downhill skaters to get high speed and maximum momentum.

The downhill longboarding sport requires high-end materials and equipment, including a long-lasting deck and wheels and specially designed trucks, bearings and other parts that help skaters achieve the highest speeds possible.

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What Is Freeride Longboarding Essential?

There are a few apparent differences between freeride skateboarding and longboarding. You should know about them. Many people remain confused about both of them. But, there is a simple variation. The longboard is longer and wide than a skateboard. It’s a kind of traditional skateboard.

Besides, there is no curve on both sides of the longboard. It has narrow strips. The market has a wide variety of models with patterns. You need to know about what is freeride longboarding after little research. The best freeride longboard requires excellent skills to balance and body control.

What is more, skateboards and longboards use the rule of thumb? To become an expert, you need to do the practice. There is one disadvantage with freestyling, it can harm your ankles and is suitable for a healthy person. 

Our Top Pick
Best Freeride Longboard

Best Freeride Longboard


  • Brand:Hawkeye
  • Material:Maple
  • Deck Width:9 Inches
  • Color:1.Black flower
  • Deck Length: 40 Inches
  • Durometer Hardness:70A
  • Load Capacity:250 Pounds

SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVEL SKATERS – 41 x 9 inch full size design, this Skateboard is ideal for Beginner and Pro doing some basic stunts and other tricks.

DURABLE & STABLE – High density 8 layer grade natural maple wood skateboard with emery non-slip surface provides a stable and more powerful grip during skating; Max supporting weight 330lbs, suitable for adults and kids.

SMOOTH & SPEEDY RIDE – Super smooth 70x52mm HR82A anti-shock PU wheels with super smooth degree ABEC-7 Chrome steel and SHR95A supper soft bushings deliver a very smooth ride. Comes with All-in-One Skate T-Tool, has everything you need to tighten up or repair your skateboard. If you do not receive the tool, please contact me and I will send you a new one.

STURDY & STRONG – Our skateboard made of High Quality Thick Aluminium Trucks 7″ Heavy-Duty Aluminum Alloy Trucks and steel axle, making them reliable and sturdy, safe for beginners and professional.

COMPLETE – No assembly required, this skateboard is a ideal gift for boys and girls. If you encounter any quality problem, please contact me in time, and I will make a full refund for you.

What Is Freeride Longboarding: Sliding With Controlling Speed

It involves the power slides technique. The freeride longboard deck designs how it turns sideways by pushing the bodyweight on a rail. Its spin stops drift sideways but in a controlled manner. You can lose speed with the drifting wheel friction.

Similarly, do you know what is the freeride longboarding slide? It’s nothing without slides because slides can control the speed. The descent gives a stylish reducing speedway when you move to downhill/racing. Let’s have a look at the kinds of slides:

Stand Up Slide

It’s the most basic slide type. You shift your weight backwards after extending your legs to push the longboard sideways. 

180 Slide

A slide can perform a 180º turn with the help of it. It’s similar to the stand-up slide but involves a 180-degree angle. The combination of 90º for the slide and another 90º to get back to the slope.

Speed Check

There are two ways to push the board: go forward with the help of the back foot heel or backward by using foot toes. After rolling, you can move it back into its normal position. 

Coleman Slide

A freeride longboard also helps in touching the road by leaning on it. You use the slide gloves to turn in 90º drifting most of the time. 

Sitdown Check

It’s the same as the Coleman Slide, but we don’t use our hands in it. You almost sit on the board to perform a drift slide when moving downhill.


In such a case, you swing all the way to180º after crossing a 90º angle. It would help if you rode backwards and then slid back to the regular work.


It’s the mixture of a usual ride and sliding in a stand-up position by shifting weight with controlled speed. Pre-drifting is also used for warming up before a drift. 

What Is Freeride Longboarding Start-Up?

If you are already using a longboard as transportation or moving around, you already have basic knowledge about balancing. Your goal is to speed up and get an expert on the hilling area, and you need to learn a stopping method. If you try to stop with your feet, it may be dangerous for you. Only sliding techniques give you an excellent downhill riding experience. 

What is cruising longboarding?

One of the best things about cruising longboards is that they can be adapted to suit your style, whether you’re a beginner or advanced rider. If you want to go for a ride in the park and enjoy the scenery, you can do that! But if you want to go faster, nothing stops you from doing that too!

Likewise, weight shifting is another skill to control the speed. Similarly, what is cruising longboarding doing in shifting the bodyweight for deep turns? In curving, you don’t slide, but it’s one step back. After S-shaped curves, the next step is stand-up sliding to shift weight from one rail to another.

Moreover, the critical skill to play on the freeride longboard is changing the stunt inverse of nature. You can ride with the forward right foot for regular footers and vice versa. The slides with 180º can easily switch the stance.

Longboard Freeride vs Longboard Downhill

Freeride boards are very different from Downhill boards. They usually have a flat profile or concave to keep your feet locked in and provide excellent control. Best freeride longboards are usually very light to do technical tricks with ease.

Downhill Longboarding: It is a longboard discipline that involves racing down a hill, usually a long and steep one. The downhill freeride longboarders will race on different courses with different difficulties.

Best Freeride Longboard Setup And Accessories

An attractive structure of a freeride longboard has excellent value for a newbie. To have a fantastic riding experience, a strong body with fabulous features matters a lot.  


The freeride longboard deck is the most significant and essential part of it. It’s especially taken into consideration while making a buying decision. The efficiency of any freeride longboard depends on the type of deck.  

Furthermore, you should know about the purpose of freeride longboarding. If you want to use it on steep roads, thin boards are not great. On the other hand, parks with smooth lands welcome remote devices. 

Besides, a firm deck is perfect for freeriding longboarding. The drop-platform or drop-through decks are recommended for choosing free-rider.


As we categorize the longboard parts, trucks come in second place. It’s responsible for the longboard bearing effect. So, what is a freeride longboarding truck? A T-shaped metallic part is present on both sides. Trucks have aluminium or titanium in them. Some expensive boards even have gold trucks.

On top of that, you can choose the truck by looking at the truck points closest to the deck width. Their size differences affect your riding experiences. The more oversized deck suits a giant truck as per the thumb’s rule.


A wheel with 68mm to 72mm diameter and a hardness of 78A up to 82A is excellent. Those are great for solid grip and the ability to slide. Those figures are highly recommended for a best freeride longboard for sale. 

Few factors help in choosing the best product:

  • If you have more weight, consider harder tires.
  • Your ability to slide and strength need hard wheels, and if your control is good, select soft wheels.
  • Also, see the surface type of your play area.

Moreover, the wheel edges are also important. Always try to find wheels with sloping edges. A lower friction level pushes the sideways quickly and performs better in sliding. On the other hand, sharp-edged wheels give more grip, but sliding is more complex in this case. 

Similarly, the core placement is an acceptable factor in measuring the wheel’s bearing position. It decides the effects of slides on wheels.


The speed of freeride skateboards and longboards depends on bearings. An engineering scale ABEC is used to rate the quality of bearings. ABEC has different numbers like 1,3,5,7,9. The higher the number, the higher the speed and less friction. For example, ABEC-9+ is great at fast rolling.

Likewise, avoid putting your board in a dirty place. Otherwise, your bearings will get dust. It reduces the smoothness and quality of bearings. Regular cleaning with oil is essential for good work.

Also, in freeriding, bearings are not very important. At a low price, you can get suitable quality bearings. To protect the path from wearing out, you can add a spacer.

Difference Between Freeride And Downhill Longboards

There are few variations between freeride and downhill boards. But, few people sometimes have issues with their selection. The right product doesn’t need many struggles nowadays to find. 

There are few variations between freeride and downhill boards. But, few people sometimes have issues with their selection. The right product doesn’t need many struggles nowadays to find. 

Further, if you put both boards in comparison, freeride will win. You can find three techniques by using downhill, but free-riders get more than that. The freeriding board is full of tricks like drifting, Coleman slide, stand-up slides, and many more. 

Moreover, there is also a difference in terms of deck sizes. The freeride longboard deck is 38 to 41 inches, but downhill has 37 to 43 inches. A drop-through deck is made for freeriding, and a top-through is for a decline. 

Wrapping Up

Free Riding longboards are helpful in record-breaking downhill, and no one can deny the benefits of that sport. Physical activity has excellent outcomes. It would help if you tried it once in life to get satisfying results while sliding.

Also, If someone wants to know what is freeride longboarding? Guide him with all the details given above. You can show some fantastic tricks as well. They will fall in love with it for sure. 

Furthermore, it’s the same as freeride snowboarding. The name brings a sense of freedom with proper control on speed and skilled sliding.

Frequently Asked Questions about what is freeride longboarding

Freeride longboarding was started by pioneers Dan Brisse, Rusty Ockenden and Jake Burton in the early 2000s. It took almost ten years for this riding to evolve and get the recognition it deserves. Freeride is one of many longboarding styles that is all about doing tricks and bombing hills.

Freeride longboarding is a particular part of the longboarding world because it was the first to capitalize on freeriding while using the unique features of the longboard. You can learn more about freeriding longboarding here.

My favourite wheel setup is a Critical Mass Avanti Evo. It is a clincher, but it rolls as fast as a deep rim racy wheelset. It is very durable and has won many races for me. I have used it for about three seasons, so I still have plenty of treads left. It is also a carbon aero rim, so it is aero, stiff, and light.

Freeride disciplines are divided into Slopestyle, big air, and dirt. Slopestyle involves riding jumps, rails, and other obstacles on a large open hill. Big air is similar to Slopestyle, but the jumps are more significant, and the obstacles are usually artificial. Dirt jumps are generally created on natural terrain and are large, steep, and gnarly.

Great question. Longboarding is a lot of fun, and there is more to it than just simply cruising around. As you know, there are two kinds of longboards: the cruising boards and the performing boards. The performing boards can be quite a challenge to control, but you can get the hang of it in time.

When you get ready to go downhill riding, you have to make sure that your bike and riding gear is in top-notch condition. To prepare your bike, you need to ensure that all the bolts and parts are tightened, the brake is working correctly, and the gear is in good condition. To prepare your body, you need to wear the appropriate clothing and sunscreen to protect your skin.

Whenever I board a plane, I always think of the pilots. I am aware their life rests in my hands. That makes me very nervous. I am afraid that I might do something wrong or push the wrong button. So far, I have never done anything stupid, but one day I might! No matter how much you practice, there is always a chance of a mistake. That is why I’m always careful.

The best way to get started in longboarding is to simply put on your shorts and T-shirt, grab a longboard and start to roll. You can even take a car ride to the nearest hill. People generally start riding on the streets. That is an excellent way to gain experience and build confidence for riding hills. You can also visit a skate park if you get bored on the streets.

When making a sharp turn at high speed, your body rolls over the board. The problem is your lower body supports your body, so your lower body is susceptible to pain.

Freeride boards are usually 35″ long., Which means that the freeride board length is 35 inches. The term “freeride” refers to the style of riding done with the board. The boards are designed to be used in the most inclusive sense on any terrain, with the most freedom of expression.

That means they have a rocker: the nose and tail are lower than the centre, making the board ride higher over the ground. The boards are also stiffer than freestyle boards and made of stronger wood. These two factors make the board faster and allow for more radical tricks.r more radical tricks.

Longboarding is a fascinating and fun sport. However, one can get injured if not practised correctly and at the right time. Here are some injury prevention tips for longboarders. First, you should always wear a helmet and look out for your fellow riders. Second, always wear long pants and sleeves. If you’re wearing anything less than that, you’re asking for trouble.

Third, you should keep in mind to not use your board in excessively hot or cold weather. Fourth, avoid high speeds on hills and uneven surfaces. Fifth, if your board is too small for you, you should always buy a giant board appropriate for you. Sixth, avoid small cracks, holes and bumps on the ground, as that can cause serious injuries. Seventh, you should always wear hand protection gear to avoid getting injured by your arms hitting the ground.

Longboards are better than skateboards for several reasons. Ride quality, durability, functionality, and aesthetics are areas in which longboards outshine or equal skateboards..

The first reason longboarding is becoming more popular is because it’s a great way to exercise. The second reason is that you can also use your longboard for transportation. You can use your longboard to commute to work, school, or any place you need to go. Longboarding is a great way to get exercise, and it’s fun at the same time.

I don’t have the answer to this question. But I think we will soon be seeing it on popular sports channels. It is a fact that the number of longboarders is increasing and the sales of longboards are growing. I’ve seen several professional skateboarders performing tricks with longboards. The presentation of those tricks, which are very difficult in regular skateboards, was extraordinary. I believe it is just a matter of time before more people will take up this sport.

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