What are Skateboard and Longboard Bearings?

Your board can only perform at its best when its components are of equal quality. Good bearings, a good deck, and top-notch wheels will make the difference in how your longboard performs. Bearings should be able to spin for long periods without needing any maintenance or repair. A deck should be light enough so it doesn’t weigh you down and at the same time strong enough so that you can even do gaps with it. Wheels should have a smooth ride and grip the ground properly while offering speed and maneuverability.

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best longboard bearing
Best Longboard Bearing

Be sure to check your bearing spacers’ dimensions. If you use smaller wheels, pick 8x8mm spacers, and larger wheels will use 8x10mm spacers. Skateboard grip tape helps to grip your deck – choose the best one based on the skateboard brand you get!

The Different Types of Bearings

There are several different types of bearings, and each type is specifically used for searching for a certain purpose. For example, an ABEC 7 bearing may be what you need to meet your needs in downhill racing; however, you might prefer an ASTRO bearing as a commuter.

The Best Bearings for Cruising and Commuting

If you are looking for a high-quality longboard for cruising, commuting, and generally moving from one place to another, you’ll want to look for bearings that roll smoothly and quickly while being easy to maintain.

I recommend Zealous Bearings, Heady Shake Pro Bearings, and KVENI Ceramic bearings. These bearings have been tried, tested, and true!

The Best Bearings for Speed

Whether cruising, slalom skateboarding, or longboarding, you will want bearings that hold up to seriously harsh conditions, including heat. I have compiled a list of top picks for the fastest bearings on one of the best marketplaces out there:

10 Factors to Remember When Picking the Perfect Longboard Bearings

When buying your first longboard, there are many things to consider. Below are some of the most important things that you should always look for when making your final decision(s).

Ball Material – Steel or Ceramic

When choosing the right skateboard bearing, there are a few things you need to consider before buying the best skateboard bearings for your board. The type of bearings you should buy depends on how you intend to use your skateboard because you need different attributes from the wheel’s bearings when cruising on the street or going alongside downhills. When riding downhill, heavy load and high speeds may be common, and this is why some skaters prefer ABEC-7 grade bearings – which means that they can withstand a lot more pressure and stress without falling apart as easily.


If you’re on a budget or are new to skateboarding, the steel-bearing wheels are the best choice for you. Steel bearings tend to run hot while you ride, which can help with their elasticity when under a heavy load. It’s also resistant to cracking.


If you are an avid downhill racer or looking for a bearing that will outlast your board, you should pick up a bearing with ceramic. Not only do ceramic bearings enhance speed and performance, but they also resist corrosion due to their high density, which makes them last longer than steel options! The only downfall is that ceramic bearings can be more expensive than steel.

ABEC Rating System

When looking for bearings to purchase, longboarders must know the difference between bearings made in China and those made in Europe. One misconception among skateboarders is that they think ABEC will affect their skateboarding experience. The ABEC rating system created bearings to replace the HSC or “hofmann simplified cup” system in 1978.

Many companies still rely on the ABEC system, so if you’re looking for a better bearing, the higher the rating, the better they will be.

Bearing Size

Bearing sizes vary depending on a skateboard’s bearings type and brand. There are different standard bearing size standards, such as 608, and depending on which one you have, you will be able to fit them on your skating equipment.


Spacers and washers have an important function in longboard trucks. They allow collars to mount without skating down to the skateboard itself, even if it is solid contact. Spacers will keep your gears tight and provide the least amount of drag.


Most bearings are pre-lubricated, meaning they’re already well prepared, so they’ll spin faster immediately, and you can install them as soon as you receive them.


Different roller bearings come with different styles of lubricants. Some may be pre-filled, and others may not. For the bearings to operate smoothly, you must maintain them by filling them with lubricant as so often instructed. There are several recommended lubricants you can use on your new bearings; they all have different properties that make them more favorable than the others – but in the end, it’s up to you to pick the one you see most suitable! For example, if you need something that won’t cause much friction and thus slow down your wheel.

How Do You Install Bearings?

Installing ball bearings may seem confusing, but it’s quite simple. Each wheel requires two ball bearings, so get a pack of 8. The spacers and washers are the small pieces that go on the axle with the ball bearings; these components provide the clearance needed for a fast spinning bearing. It isn’t very hard to put bushing kits on wheels, just like putting together one of those wooden adventure playhouses or a new bookshelf for your child’s room – provided you have all the parts and follow specific instructions!

However, the bearing must not tighten the axle nut too much because if they are compressed against the wheel, they’ll wear out too quickly.

When performing this procedure, install everything on the axle from the truck hanger to the axle nut in this order.

  • Speed ring (washer)
  • Bearing
  • Spacer
  • Bearing
  • Speed ring
  • Axle nut


The best longboard bearing is completely dependent on your riding style and how much money you are willing to spend. I hope this helps you pick out your longboard bearing for cruising, carving, or racing. If you enjoyed this blog, please like and share.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the best longboard bearings. If you are looking for the perfect bearings for your longboard, you have come to the right place! We have reviewed and listed the best longboard bearings for you. Enjoy your riding!