Top 06 The Best Self Propelled and Loaded Longboard for Carving & Pumping Uphill- Cruiser Board [Reviews-2022]

Most beginner longboarders are often confused. They come up with many options in the market and fail to choose. I will explain how to choose the best longboard for pumping?

Longboarding pumping is an appealing form of art; however, it should be noted that it is not for everyone. It takes a lot of training and practice to master this sort of pumping, and not everyone is interested in investing their time and effort into it. If you are interested in longboarding pumping, our article on the best longboard for pumping here will help you select the best longboard brand that is best suited for you.

Icarus Bamboo Longboard-Best Skateboard for Pumping
Icarus Bamboo Longboard-Best Skateboard for Pumping
  • Features: 3D wheel wells for big wheels (78mm and up). Drop-through truck mounting for stability, lower center of gravity, and easier pushing. Smooth, stable, and powerful. Versatile set-up for all styles of longboarding, carving, pumping, freeride, freestyle, and urban commuting / alternative transportation.
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BOCIN 41 inch Freeride longboard with carving setup
BOCIN 41 inch Freeride longboard with carving setup
  • Features: Great for pumping and cruising, Durable maple deck, High quality all aluminum trucks and long lasting skateboard wheels. Heavy duty trucks and wheels provide a smooth ride. Perfect for newbies and professional riders
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Santa Cruz physics of longboard pumping
Santa Cruz physics of longboard pumping
  • Features:This is the best longboard for beginners and experts. It is designed specifically to make a rider comfortable while riding on it. It is also very affordable. The longboard is suitable for all skill levels, ideal for children and adults alike. This board is made using one of the latest construction technologies. It is made of high-grade materials to ensure its durability.
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PINESKY 41 Inch transitioning from longboard to skateboard
PINESKY 41 Inch transitioning from longboard to skateboard
  • Features:Perfect longboard for cruising and freeriding because of the low deck and 8 inch aluminum trucks; Great stability, durability, and value; This longboard is easy to learn for beginners, perfect for commuting, long distance riding, downhill, cruising, carving, freeride slide, freestyle and dancing; With two color selection, you can choose the one you like. ABEC-11 Chrome Steel Bearings; Aluminum Alloy Risers; Grip Tape Top Deck
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Sector 9 Lookout Complete gullwing sidewinder pumping longboard skateboard
Sector 9 Lookout Complete gullwing sidewinder pumping longboard skateboard
  • Features:A definite unique surf inspired longboard; A great commuter longboard for cruising around the city, going to work, or getting some shopping done. Banana tail on the deck makes it very fun to pump and ollie out on the streets. It’s the main reason why longboards are the best. This Sector 9 board is fast, stable and will help you learn how to do tricks and do them well.
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Five best longboards for pumping reviewed

  1. Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard
  2. APOLLO Longboard – Cruiser Longboard
  3. Magneto Longboards Bamboo for Cruising
  4. Black Longboards Exotic Wood with Canadian Maple Core
  5. Hana Longboard by Magento
  6. Quest Skateboard for Pumping
Our Top Pick
Best Longboard for Pumping

Best Longboard for Pumping


  • Material:Wood, Aluminum, Maple
  • Deck Length:97 Centimeters
  • Color:Samurai
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Wheel Size:70 Millimeters
  • Load Capacity:250 Pounds

38-Inch Exotic Brazilian Rosewood Deck with 9 Ply Canadian Maple Core. Custom pinstripe design with beautiful finish.

Drop-down drop-through deck design lowers the board to the ground for ultimate comfort and eliminates wheel bite. Laser cut grip tape locks your feet on the board.

Rugged and lightweight 7-inch aluminum trucks (black) with ultra-high rebound bushings for ultimate carving experience.

Big 70mm Hooligan wheels create a smooth and grippy ride. Hooligan wheels have a special designed core to provide smooth, durable, and evenly wore wheel.

Fast and durable Abec 9 Hellion 2 bearings with built in spacers. Rolling is effortless.

1- Best Pumping Boards-Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard

loaded and ldp longboards

Our top pick is from Magneto. If you’ve been into longboarding for a long time, you must have heard about it. They have the best quality & functionality-focused products. Moreover, you’ll get super cool longboards from Magneto.
Kicktail cruiser longboard comes with a 44-inches deck. Adults, kids, and teens can cruise on it. You’ll get a super quality deck of bamboo and maple material. Bamboo adds beauty to the deck. At the same time, maple in lower parts increases durability.
As the name identifies, it has a kicktail tip. Thus, you can perform many tricks on it. Moreover, longboards with kicktail tips are multi-purpose. So, if you’re an all-around performer, go with it.

Urethane Materials

You’ll get 70 mm wheels. Wheels come in urethane materials. Moreover, they add beauty to the longboard overall. If we discuss bushing, they’re also up to the mark. Bushes come in aluminum with gravity casting. It enhances the durability of trucks. Furthermore, trucks are highly rebound, thus saving your energy for other pumps.

  • Durable deck
  • 70mm wheels
  • Rebound trucks
  • Kicktail tip
  • Less flexible deck

2- Pumping Cruiser LongboardAPOLLO Longboard

pumping Cruiser board

We’ve also thought about using an Apollo longboard. They are also famous in the longboard niche after Magneto.
Firstly, the deck comes in twin top tips. Moreover, the deck has a variety of different sizes and styles. Longboarders want to look cool while riding. If you’re one of those, it’s for you indeed.
You’ll get three layers of bamboo on top of the deck. Furthermore, the base contains fiberglass. Fiberglass is mainly for more stability and strength. Moreover, if you love to ride at top speed, it will help you out.
Another feature of the deck I liked most was its flexibility. Its flexibility will allow you to bounce back after each pump automatically. Thus, you can have a smooth ride without losing much energy.
As a longboarder, you might experience wheel bite while doing tricks. However, twin tip drop allows you to take sharp turns. Also, carve easily without fear of getting wheel bite.

Wheels and Trucks

The wheels come in 70mm size, suitable for pumping. Aluminum trucks with aircraft grading make them more durable. Moreover, you’ll get a free T-tool with a longboard to adjust trucks according to your riding style.

  • Twin top tip
  • T-tool included
  • Flexible deck
  • Different colors & styles available
  • No rebound bushes
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3- Loaded Longboard-Magneto Longboards Bamboo for Cruising

self propelled longboard

Here we go with our following review, and it’s again by Magneto. Similarly, the quality of products Magneto launches excites me to review for you.
Despite its length and width, the deck is stable for a ride of 35 inches. Moreover, the grip tape is of the best quality. Grip tape allows you to perform tricks without fear of falling. Again, the deck’s upper portion comes in bamboo to give extra shine. As a result of the maple, the base is durable. Also, it increases your grip.
Moreover, the shape of the deck is concave. The concave shape allows riders to take turns, pump, and crave with little energy.
You might be into doing extra tricks or taking sharp turns but anxious about wheel bite. Don’t worry; Magneto longboards come with a wheel flare to avoid wheel bites. Wheels come in the size of 70mm. Quality is superb. You’ll get alloy stainless steel wheels. Most people love them because of the high-quality grip they provide. Furthermore, speed is up to the mark because of steel wheels.

Loaded Longboard

This Loaded Longboard is designed to make every trip your adventure. The compact dimensions, lightweight construction, poppy kicktails, and range of wheelbase options make the Mata Hari our most technically adept board for those who live to explore and challenge what is possible on a dancing skateboard.
For sharp turns, the truck has the perfect angle. You can do some excellent tricks when you have the perfect angle with a kicktail. So if you want something like that, don’t hesitate and go with it.

  • Grip tape
  • Concave deck
  • Wheels flare
  • Stainless Steel wheels
  • No rebound bushes

4- Pumping Longboard-Black Longboards Exotic Wood with Canadian Maple Core

gullwing sidewinder pumping

Another beautiful thing I have come up with is for black lovers. If you want something of wooden touch, it’s perfect for you.
Brazilian rosewood was used to make the deck. Moreover, a 9-ply maple adds strength to the deck. The deck is low from the middle, giving stability for riders. You’ll have a comfortable ride without fear of wheel bite. The deck contains grip tape to lock your shoes on it.
If we discuss the quality of bushes & trucks, they’re excellent. A car comes in aluminum material. Whereas brushes are highly rebound, making the longboard perfect for carving and pumping.
If we go further, the wheels are 70 mm in size. Board contains hooligan wheels. They provide a smooth ride and are durable for pumping and carving. Hellion bearings add extra value to the board. Paths enhance the speed for you quickly. But consider your safety first; you must wear a helmet and other safety gadgets.

self-propelled longboard

Notably, the MotoBoard by Khombu is a self-propelled longboard in its final form. With a revolutionary chassis design, a powerful motor, and simple remote control, the MotoBoard is the first longboard of its kind. Loaded with features like programmable motor speed, regenerative braking, reverse motor, and forward/reverse/brake remote control, the MotoBoard is the new standard for technology in longboarding. Moreover, the MotoBoard is available in robust and portable designs, making it suitable for adults of all ages.
Despite this, the Ninebot S is a one-wheel scooter that is safe and intelligent. It combines the most advanced technology, hardware, and software. Moreover, it combines a four-wheel electric scooter, Segway, and scooter. It features a unique self-balancing system, a stable and low center of gravity, various colors, a super-efficient motor, and a comfortable handlebar. Ninebot S is a trustworthy, clean, and elegant product.

best electric longboard
  • Rosewood
  • Rebound bushes
  • Hellion bearings
  • It saves you from wheel bite
  • Limited color

5- Hana Longboard by Magento

transitioning from longboard to skateboard

Lastly, we’ll review a longboard also from Magneto. You’ll surely love it. My side highly recommends it for you. It is because this board is multi-functional. Hana longboard comes with twin till, pintail, short pintail, and cruising. Thus, you can choose what you want.
Cruiser longboards have a length of 42 inches. Moreover, it has a 34 inches wheelbase that provides great flex on board. The deck is less comprehensive than standard boards, thus more flexible too. The cutout shape of the board avoids wheel bite. Furthermore, the deck can lock your feet, preventing any slip.
The wheels are 70mm in size, best for pumping and carving. Moreover, aluminum trucks provide room to take sharp turns easily. Bearings are highly rebound; this feature makes the board completely perfect.

  • High flex
  • Available in different sizes
  • Highly rebound bearings
  • Cutout shape to avoid wheel bite
  • Value for money
  • Limited color

6 Quest Best Skateboard for Pumping

Quest skateboard is a fantastic board that I like because it is designed to stand the test of time, and its durable construction is made of maple and aluminum. It’s a longboard with a drop-down deck, making me feel stable as I ride. The engraving pattern is incredible with its geometric or tribal design. In addition to that, it comes with a reverse kingpin position and can be used in any situation.

Other features of the Quest Skateboard include its affordability, making it perfect for beginners. This is due to its lightweight design and material quality, as it’s built from 100% bamboo. There’s also a drawstring bag included with purchase, making travel more accessible and more convenient whether you have a car or use public transportation. What’s even better about this board is that Quest longboard can personalize it too! It can withstand numerous changes and improvements so that you can make your dream board a reality!

The first few rides weren’t smooth, so I didn’t enjoy the experience, but I felt it was an excellent introductory product anyway. The trucks were tricky to adjust, and when they finally came together, the board became flexible and easy to ride on paved roads.

  • Ideal for Kids and Adults to learn the basics of longboarding
  • Made of maple wood and aluminum hardware
  • Smooth and flexible
  • Highly customizable, compact, stable, and affordable
  • Board is versatile and can be used for both commuting and leisure.
  • Bearings make issue

Overall, the Quest skateboard is one of the cheapest skateboards around and still does its good job of not breaking easily: you need to make sure that it is customized to survive since this can be one of the most problematic parts.

HOLATO Longboard Skateboard,8 Layer Canadian Maple Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style, Downhill and Dancing
HOLATO Longboard Skateboard,8 Layer Canadian Maple Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style, Downhill and Dancing
  • Best Longboard Skateboard for Cruising, Carving, Free-style, Downhill and Dancing.
  • Big Soft PU Wheels combined with ABEC-9 Bearings for Smooth Ride.
  • The longboard skateboard is the perfect choice for anyone want to developing your strength,balance and reaction while enjoying fun.
  • The longboard skateboard can bring you extraordinary fun.
  • Lightweight with shock absorb ring.
  • A perfect gift for your friends and family who are interested in skateboarding.
WOOKRAYS 38″ Electric Skateboard with Remote, 900W Dual Motor Electric Longboard, Top Speed 25 MPH, 21.7 Miles Range, 8 Layers Maple, 3 Speed Adjustment E-Skateboard for Adult Teens
  • Dual motor drive system- 900W DUAL BRUSHLESS HUB MOTOR
  • Max load 330lbs
  • Battery : 36V 6000mAh Lithium battery
  • Motor: 350W
  • Maximum speed: 25MPH
  • Range: 21.7 miles
  • Remote range: 14m
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Riding time: 2 hours
  • Lightweight and Portable: At just 16 lbs, the Boardhub is lightweight and easy to carry around or bring on public transportation.
  • Fully Enclosed and Waterproof: The Boardhub’s fenders and body are fully enclosed and water-resistant to protect you and your belongings from rain, snow or mud.
DresKar Electric Skateboard 900W Dual Brushless Motor 25MPH Top Speed 3 Speed Adjustment 12.5 Miles Range 7 Layer Maple Deck Electric Longboard with Wireless Remote Max Load 286Lbs
DresKar Electric Skateboard 900W Dual Brushless Motor 25MPH Top Speed 3 Speed Adjustment 12.5 Miles Range 7 Layer Maple Deck Electric Longboard with Wireless Remote Max Load 286Lbs
  • Dreskar Electric Skateboard comes with a wireless remote control for easy adjustments.
  • The three-speed level adjustable function allows you to change the speed during your rides.
  • With a powerful battery, it can travel up to 12.5 miles on a single charge.
  • With 7-layered maple wood deck, it is flexible and durable.
  • Dual Hub Motors provide high torque and top speed to riders;
  • Max Load is 286 LBS;
  • LCD display to show speed, range, battery level;
  • Compact dashboard design;
  • Wooden deck for wrist traction;
  • 1-year warranty;
  • Perfect for daily commuting, cruising campus, and quick errands;

Reviews-Longboarding at Reading Pump Track

What are the key factors to notice while buying the best longboard for pumping?

Firstly, I will tell you about longboard pumping and its few tips and tricks. 

What Is Longboard Pumping?

Pumping a longboard is a new technique and gained much popularity among longboarders. However, ocean surfers have been doing it for a long time before. In longboard pumping, you have to shift your weight in such a way as to gain speed.
When the rider shifts the weight side by side, the longboard moves in zig-zag style; Zig-Zag movement helps you gain speed without lowering your feet on the ground.
Longboard pumping became popular among skateboarders/longboarders. It has various benefits, giving you swing movements on terrain with increasing speed. If you don’t know how to do that? Don’t worry, I will explain further in the article.

Can You Pump a Longboard?

Some people might think it’s impossible to pump a longboard as a beginner. But it’s not the truth. It requires a lot of practice to do pumping successfully. However, you can easily do the pumping after continuous training. If you love gaining speed with little effort on long trips, then it’s for you.
Additionally, longboard pumping is very helpful on long trips, as no one wants to lose energy only by pushing the board. The only fix to save your stamina is by pumping. It helps you gain speed not only on flat tracks but uphill also.

Rules of Pumping

There are several rules to consider for pumping a longboard as follows: 

  1. You have to shift weight in such a way to drive forward. 
  2. Moreover, the timing of weight must be perfect. Perfect timing helps the board to gain speed and inertia.
  3. While pumping, the board wheels should never stop touching the ground.

Longboard Pumping Technique

The Pumping Movement

You’ll experience “S” like movement while pumping. The action starts from upper body parts to lower body parts and then the longboard’s deck. You have to practice to maintain proper balance. Maintaining such body posture for prolonged periods can cause fatigue.

Upper Body And Middle Section

Mostly, you have to gather power from the central area of the body. Your muscles beneath the abs help to generate energy. Rolling of the hips muscle will help to speed up your board.

Legs and Feet

Your lower body must be in rhythm with the central area of your body. It helps to keep a proper balance. Moreover, keep the front foot behind the truck onboard to generate more energy.

Key Factors-Physics of Longboard For Pumping

physics of longboard/skateboard for pumping

Pushing the wheels toward the center of the board’s turning radius creates a centripetal force (F=mv^2/r). The grip on the wheels causes that force to go against the riding surface. The surface applies pressure back to the wheels with a forward component creating acceleration.
Additionally, a longboarder can make a board turn faster by pushing the wheels toward the center of the wheels’ turning radius. This phenomenon is known as pumping. The more you pump, the faster your board will turn.
The physics of longboard pumping is the study of forces on a rider’s center of mass as their wheels accelerate them.

Major Factor

The main factor is to use your shoulders to create the proper rhythm of your body. Mostly, longboarders throw their shoulders on one side and the other. However, here I will reveal a great secret for you. Swinging your shoulders on heelside and toeside is a better deal. It will help you generate speed efficiently.

You’ll observe skateboarders exerting force only by the lower body. However, legs alone have little capacity to generate energy. Thus, it will be better to use your whole body instead of only your shoulders or legs.

What key factors to observe in a longboard for pumping?


A flexible deck has several advantages in pumping. Carvings are dug with it. It helps to change direction quickly. Moreover, it aids in bumping up, saving your energy for another pump. Furthermore, it has a comfortable ride for cruising lovers. 

Longboards with a top mount can be a good option. Top mount longboards have room for trucks to take sharp turns. You can turn entirely in the right or left direction. However, you have to be aware of wheel bite.


The appropriate size of wheels is more than 70 mm. It will be easy for you to gain & maintain speed with wheels of this size. It is more beneficial if your deck can adjust a wheel of size 80 mm or above. However, standard decks can get wheel bite.
Square lips wheels are suitable for pumping as they provide better grip. Furthermore, you can do carvings with less effort and braking. Also, you will not lose speed on craving.
I will not suggest you go with round lips. Firstly, it lacks a better grip. Secondly, it may slip out and thus can cause injury. So if you’re going with them, be careful.

Best Trucks For Pumping

Choosing a truck is up to you. However, I can recommend several I found perfect for pumping. Going with narrow trucks could be better, but they’re not stable at low speeds.
The other option you can consider is going with a wider one. However, it demands more energy to gain momentum. Thus, it requires more force to reach at considerable speed for cruising. However, once you attain speed, it will have a better rate for longer.
You’ll observe some longboarders with customized trucks. Their front wheels can take more turns than the back ones. Taking turns from front wheels assists inefficient pumping.


Bushes also contribute to pumping. However, they are not as important as wheels, trucks, and decks. You’ll mostly observe skateboarders using soft brushes. It helps to take turns and lean easily. Moreover, changing direction to pump becomes easy with soft bushes.  

I will recommend rebound bushes. They can save your energy by bouncing back after every pump. Most importantly, use soft brushes in the front truck. It assists in taking sharp turns with little power, furthermore, without losing much speed.

Longboard kick-turns/tic-tac

The Tic-tac series is a technique used to accelerate your speed on the board. It also allows you to change direction while maintaining your speed when chained together.
Tic-tac longboarding is a way to go fast downhill. It’s similar to sliding, but you are not sliding on your wheels. When tic-tacking, the front wheels are off the ground and moved left and right quickly. This is done by leaning your body in one direction, thus turning your board that way as well.
Tic Tac Toe is a game that you and your friends can play anywhere. It’s one of the simplest games in the world, and it’s just as fun today as it was when we were children.

How to Do Tic Tacs | Skateboarding Tricks |

Frequently Asked Questions-Best Longboard for Pumping

Skateboards are primarily for short rides and to perform tricks. In contrast, longboards are for cruising on long trips. Moreover, it’s difficult to do tricks on longboards.

Pumping is a technique to increase your speed while cruising without touching the ground. It helps longboard riders to move on longer trips without using much energy.

It won’t be easy at first, but you will get better with practice. Start slow, and build up speed. It took me almost a year to learn how to do it. If I can do it, you can do it too. Once you know how to pump, you’ll be able to have much more control over your skateboard. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Skateboarding is not something you can learn overnight.. you should read tips on becoming a great skateboarder. Skating is an art. It takes YEARS of practice!
If you’re not pumping, you’re not progressing. It’s the apparent secret of skateboarding and the reason why I can’t do a kickflip. (If you haven’t seen the above video, do it now. It will make this post make more sense.

Longboards are different from shortboards because they have a softer flex. Pumping requires softness, so getting a longboard with soft flex is better. Choosing a skateboard that has a soft flex is the key to having a great time pumping.

A longboard has more flex than a standard skateboard, so when you carve on a longboard, you can use the flex in the deck to perform grinds much more accessible than on a standard skateboard. Also, once you learn how to pump and carve on a longboard, you will be able to do the same tricks on a standard skateboard, but with much more ease. Longboards are great to skate in general since they have more flex than a regular skateboard, and they are a lot more fun also.

Pumping and carving are pretty hard on a longboard. It is hard on your body and hard on the board. If you do it a lot, check out some of the longboard skateboards made for carving. They are made with a reverse kingpin truck which means that the car pivots in the opposite direction as regular kingpin trucks. This prevents the vehicle from constantly pushing down on the deck, which means your deck will last a lot longer.

Pumping and carving are essential skills to have in boarding. Pumping is a manoeuver where you do not face the direction of travel. It helps you move quickly in one direction and then soon in another, changing direction while still maintaining speed. Carving is where you turn while still traveling down the same hill. This is important to get the most rate out of your run. Here is a video to help you understand this better.

Reverse Kingpin longboard trucks make turning more accessible, giving riders a more relaxed stance. They are intended for recreational riders or those who want to learn to ollie. They have many benefits of a standard longboard truck but are easier to turn. This makes them easier to ride. The Reverse Kingpin longboard trucks are great for beginners just learning how to ride.

The best longboard deck material is bamboo. Many longboarders say bamboo is the best longboard deck material because it absorbs shock better than maple and provides more stability. In addition, bamboo is a type of grass and grows fast and robust, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

Of course, longboards with bigger wheels will be more stable, while boards with smaller wheels will be faster. But, of course, the size of the wheels is not the only factor affecting these things, so it is hard to give a simple answer.

A good longboard should be sturdy, stable, and have a smooth turn. If the board is too flexible, it will not make sharp turns. A newbie will have to learn a whole new set of skills to handle it. The best longboards are hardwood and epoxy, with a rugged aluminum truck. Plastic trucks can be too flexible.
It should be smooth enough that your feet don’t get tired after a long ride. A good longboard should weigh between 7-13 pounds. This should not be too heavy or too light. If the board weighs less, it is not sturdy enough to handle the rider’s weight. If the board is too heavy, it will slow down the acceleration.

Longboards are commonly used for transportation, skateboarding, and racing. Longboarding is a popular hobby and has been gaining in popularity. In addition, some people use longboards for commuting to work, school, and fun.

You can use longboards in two places: the half-pipe and the street. When using them on the half-pipe, you will use different longboards to perform various tricks. Some boards are more suited for air tricks, while others are better for ground applications.

Yes. The modern-day longboarder has to know a lot of different styles, approaches, and skills. Longboarding involves a lot of pumping to go faster. Longboarders will ride down the beach, and then once they reach the break, they will start to pump a longboard. Pumping is the act of balancing on the board so that the board is perpendicular to the earth.
The surfer is on his tail when the board is parallel to the earth. When it’s perpendicular, he is on his nose. Pumping is all about getting higher, going farther and faster. It’s one of the most fun things about surfing.

Longboard pumping is a great way to become a better skater. Longboards tend to be heavier and generally more significant, making them easier to learn. The length of a longboard allows you to take more considerable strides and build up a lot of speed. This makes them a far more efficient way of learning tricks and allowing you to progress faster. They are also less intimidating, encouraging you to build up your skill quicker. Longboarding is a great way to become a better skater.

One Last Thought

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on the best longboard for pumping. The longboard pumping is a form of art and a way to make your longboarding experience even more exciting. If you are a regular longboard rider, pumping is inevitably a common topic in your household. We hope that this article provided you with the information you were looking for and that you now know which longboard to purchase! If you have any further questions about longboarding pumping, we encourage you to contact us anytime.
Through my in-depth research and experience, I have explained how to choose the best longboard for pumping. Moreover, I reviewed five products that I found the best. Choose what sounds more appropriate.

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